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Latest Technology

Our flat roofs are the latest in roofing technology. We provide you with easy installation and very little mess or disruption to your home.  Our Ayrshire based company gives you a roof with an excellent performance which has a clean, modern look which will add value to your property and give you the peace of mind that it will never need treated again. 

  • Durable and tough Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is the same material used for the bodies of boats and canoes, meaning it can withstand any elements our tough Scottish weather throws at it.
  • Fully waterproof making it ideal for roofing solutions in any climate, even ours.
  • No seams or joints this ensures there are absolutely no weak spots eliminating water penetration at all.
  • Take the opportunity to add extra insulation to your home this gives you the opportunity to make your home more energy efficient to save heating bills.
  • A variety of styles and finishes coming in different colours and finishes depending on your taste.