Looking for Double Glazing in Largs? Armour Home Improvements have years of experience in fitting double glazed windows to properties in and around the Largs area, as well as wider Ayrshire. From larger properties to small cottages, no job is too big or too small for us. We also offer double glazing repairs in Ayrshire!


Being a seaside town, Largs properties in Largs are prone to high winds and cold temperatures. For this reason, it’s vital that your property has the maximum protection possible, especially for the colder months. 

With Double Glazing from Armour Home Improvements, your property will be protected from the unpredictable Scottish weather! We fit only the highest quality Double Glazed windows, fitted from an industry leading German PVC section. 

In fact, our Double Glazing gives you more protection in comparison to many other suppliers. Our section is 70mm, compared to the standard 60mm section. 

From order to installation, our Double Glazing fitting service is seamless, with no stress or hassle to you. For an initial quote, a member of our friendly team will come out to view your property, and inform you of what is required. Our windows are reinforced with the highest quality steel section, and we only use the best handles and hinges for the smoothest fittings. 

Double Glazing in Largs
largs double glazing

There are many advantages to having double glazing installed on your property, including a reduction on energy bills. 50 – 60% of heat is lost from single pane windows, leading to a huge amount of heat loss. With double glazing installation, heat is protected within the property, as well as stopping heat getting inside in the warmer, summer months. 

Double Glazing in Largs is also low maintenance, as it does not require any painting or further brush ups. Perhaps most importantly, Double Glazing also adds hugely to the cosmetics of a property, and can change the whole look of your house. 

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