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We fit very high quality windows constructed from an Industry leading German PVC section. Some other companies use similar section but not all windows are fabricated to as high a standard as our windows are. All of our section is 70 mm in comparison to the standard 60 mm section. Our windows are reinforced with a high-quality steel section. We also only use the best handles and hinges for smooth operation.


The whole design and construction of a house has changed significantly over the last few years.

One of the greatest improvements is the use of double glazing on windows. Not only do they add to the style but also provide a lot of other benefits, including cutting down on heating bills and maintenance.

Our double glazing has the added security of our secure by design windows. Secure by design is a police endorsed window that has been rigorously tested by professionals in a controlled environment.


Heritage flush sash windows are the latest addition to our range. They enhance the look of any building, whether they are installed into a modern or older style property.

Flush sash windows blend seamlessly with any property aesthetic and they have slim line sightlines and sit flush within the frame. 

Our flush sash windows will retain their elegance and function as a high quality window for many years to come. They provide a cost-effective and worthwhile investment for any home.

Keeping You Informed

At Armour Home Improvements, we believe in providing you with all the relevant information to allow you to make your own informed choice about what you want, so you don’t need to worry about getting any pressure from us.

High Quality Glass

Another high-quality feature is our glass, Pilkington Energy Rated glass. This is a market leading glass which can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the rating of window you are looking for. When our frames are put together with our glass we can achieve a window that is well above the U value required for an A rated window.

Our high-quality materials coupled with our vast installation experience ensures we offer a service that very few companies can match.

Our Owner John McCulloch is an Everest trained Master-Installer. Through years of experience in the industry we have developed a few touches of our own that make our jobs stand out from the rest.

The Difference with Modern Double Glazing

Double glazing is a process wherein the window is made of two panes of glass with a space left in between. This space is usually around a few millimetres which traps air between the panes. This air is likely to provide some insulation. Some drying agent is also added to ensure that there isn’t any moisture trapped between the two panes of the glass. The main purpose of using double glazing is that the buffer area and the two panes of glass provide better protection against the temperature outside. In the modern windows, Argon or a similar type of gas is being used between the glass. Special coatings are also applied to the glass to allow for better air insulation.

Benefits of Double Glazing

Double glazing has many benefits when it comes to modern construction. The most important benefit is the amount of saving on heating bills. It is a well known fact that 50 – 60% of the heat from the house is lost from single-pane windows. The right double glazing saves energy in two ways. Most importantly, in the winter, it doesn’t allow heat from inside the house to escape outside. During the summer it also prevents the heat from outside getting inside, leaving you with a more comfortable environment in your home during the warmer months and no need for costly air conditioning systems or fans. As a result, double glazing will pay for itself very quickly.

As well as the energy saving benefits of UPVC double glazing, it is also low maintenance, requiring no painting and has cosmetic advantages that can change the whole look of a house. It comes in a wide variety of colours and aesthetically pleasing frames.

Another major benefit of double glazing is the security it provides. Double glazing adds the protection of two window panes, which offers greater resistance against would be burglars and acts as a deterrent to them.

Double glazing provides environmental benefits by saving on carbon emissions. The conservation of power inside the house through heating or cooling from the outside environment cuts down on the 28% emission contribution of the houses.
Double glazing is a wonderful technique that raises the value of your house at the point of sale because of the appearance, energy efficiency and security advantages.

There are many different styles, specifications, colours and regulations regarding double glazing. If you need some advice or are just looking for a price feel free to give us a call and we will help you as much as we can.

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