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About Composite Decking In Ayrshire

Composite decking is resistant to mould and other problems that will affect timber decking. It’s made using a combination of wood and plastic and is easily maintained with either a pressure washer or with soapy water. It is very durable and if looked after it will last for years.

About Timber Decking In Ayrshire

We supply and fit both Hardwood and Softwood decking, In Ayr, Irvine, Kilmarnock and surrounding areas. We can provide and install timber decking to fit the required area and design. We can tailor the materials used and the design to suit your budget. Timber decking provides a natural look and feel to any property or workplace.

About Comp Decking

1. Safety Benefits: Unlike timber decking, composite is splinter free and slip resistant. Due to its secret fittings, no screws, nails or visible fixings are needed in most cases to go through the decking – so it is completely safe to walk on without shoes and you don’t have to worry about kids playing on it.

2. Maintenance: Composite decking is made from a mix of bi-products from plastic. This means its relatively maintenance free, just occasional cleaning required. The same goes for railings. There are various options such as PVC, metal and glass. You don’t need to stain, paint or treat it in anyway.

3. Longevity: Where a timber decking can look just as good, it ages easily. Subject to heavy rain, hail, snow and dampness or prolonged sunshine, the deck can expand, contract, split and warp. Composite is far more durable to the elements – it has a higher resistance to rotting, insects, capping or distortions of any kind, so is perfectly suited to environmental impacts and will last much longer. Because of its UV-stability, it won’t crack or disintegrate due to sun exposure in some cases there can be some fading through time, however the decking integrity will never be compromised.
The average deck lasts between 5-10 years in Scotland before it starts to look tired or rotting. Composite can last around 30 years depending on how it is built, how well it is maintained, and what type of materials were used when building the base. At Armour Home Improvements all our composite bases are done in structurally treated timber. This means the base will last as long as the boards.

4. Designs: Without the use of visible fixings, the composite decking boards have a variety of different surfaces. For example, grooved milled surfaces to give the same look as a traditional decking board or moulded boards to look like natural timber, giving you that rustic wooden plank look. The decking boards come in a variety of colours to suit any location. E.g. domestic houses, caravans and commercial properties.

5. Price: The cost of composite decking is definitely higher than timber decking. When making the decision on whether the composite or timber decking is right for you. Things to consider the time you will save on maintaining the decking. The look the decking will give to your property. The safety of the decking and the long-term cost saving of the decking due to its longevity. It can also be a great feature if you decide to sell your home. It may not add value to your property, however it is a great selling point. It is something unique that would make your home stand out.


Millboard decking is different. Due to the unique way it’s engineered, Millboard decking looks remarkably like the real thing, yet out-performs it in every way.

Inspired by the innate beauty of nature, it’s been hand-moulded from original timber and hand-coloured for an authentic wood finish.

Millboard Decking

Millboard’s exclusive resin material board has amazing anti-slip properties, even in the worst weather conditions. This makes it a unique outdoor material with natural looks, for both domestic and commercial properties.

Millboard decking is moulded from real timber, resulting in a far more realistic wood finish. Without touching it, you wouldn’t know it wasn’t wood. You can choose many different colours and textures, from natural looking reclaimed wood to a more modern looking, new grey oak.

Despite its unique design, Millboard decking is as easy to fit as timber decking. It’s installed using the same principles as timber decking. It is fitted with the same tools and each board is screwed in the same way as timber decking, the only difference is the screws are specially designed, allowing millboard to be fitted with the illusion of being fixing free, with no visible screws.

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We also have a full range of landscaping services and outbuilding construction services. Some of these are:
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  • Paving, patios and walkways
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  • Fencing and gates using a variety of material
  • Garden lighting
  • Multi-level gardens and flower beds
  • Bespoke Timber-framed buildings
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