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Make another room in your loft

Loft conversions are a quick way to in increase your living space.

A loft conversion is by far the simplest way to extend your home, as it uses the space which is already there and not being used. It provides various options to the property, as it can be used for any type of room.

The Loft is a valuable space that if converted properly, can add a great space to your home. It also won’t take away the garden space that an extension would.

The Loft is also very easy to obtain planning permission for compared to many other methods of extending your home.

Our team of fitters will make your loft into a lovely new spacious room.

Loft conversions fall into two main categories

Dormer Loft Conversions
Dormer loft conversions are ideal when the existing loft space is small, or doesn’t meet your requirements.

A dormer loft conversion extends your home upwards to increase headroom and increase light and ventilation with the addition of new windows.

Roofline Loft Conversions
A roofline loft conversion is ideal for larger loft conversions, where adequate headroom is already available within the existing loft space.

With the addition of some VELUX windows it can really transform the space into something light and airy.